Fall Back in Love with Wire Wrapping

With the popularity of string-centric beading techniques like silk knotting and simple bead stringing, wire wrapping jewelry may have been put on the back burner. The staff at Beadworks has been falling back in love with using wire wrapping in our jewelry. The process is repetitive and meditative and results in a delicate look that you can’t replicate with any other technique.

Whether you are making dangly shoulder duster earrings or creating your own chain filled with gemstone beads, wire wrapping is a technique that you can carry with you through all of your projects. If you are curious about the process but have never gotten any hands-on experience, sign up for one of our wire wrapping classes! We have something for every skill level.

We suggest using precious wire for your wire wrapping. It is a bit easier to work with and gives your finished pieces that little extra something. Plus it lasts much longer!

Take a look at our class calendar to sign up for a wire wrapping class that is the perfect fit for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or don’t see a class that fits your schedule. We’d be happy to accomodate you!

Sign up for Classes Here!

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