wholesale beads for jewelry designers

What is Wholesale?

If you run a jewelry business, you need the best gemstones and jewelry making supplies at the best prices! Our wholesale customers get the best service we have to offer with excellent discounts, a stunning selection of stones and supplies, and personalized customer support. We take care to get to know our wholesale customers so we can provide service tailored to your needs! We also protect our designers by ensuring our discounts are reserved for legitimate business customers with official documentation. We require documentation of your Resale License to verify your business is registered; sales tax documents are the best documentation, but we also accept business registration documents. We know that every state or country has a different registration process, so if you’re not registered in Connecticut, don’t worry — we accept out-of-state documentation, so jewelry designers registered from Delaware to California are welcome!

Unsure if you have the right documents? Please just submit an application and we will contact you directly! As always, if you have any questions feel free to call us atĀ 203-852-9194 or emailĀ norwalk@beadworks.com.

Wholesale Account Application