Learn More About the Benefits of Essential Oils

Join us for an informative workshop with an expert on all things essential oils. Krista Zilberg will lead this hands-on workshop at Beadworks where we will dive into the world of oils.

The allure of essential oils often lies in the desire to connect the body and mind. Our mental and physical wellbeing are more intrinsically linked than we frequently suppose. Harmony in the body provides peace in the mind.

An oil that is a great example of this connection between body and mind is Lavender oil. This workshop will also expand your library of essential oil knowledge so that you can go beyond the basics. Making a small change, like working with essential oils, can make a huge difference in your day-to-day life.

The workshop includes an essential oil sample for you to take home, as well as the materials to make your diffuser bracelet during the second part of the workshop. Come join us to learn more about how Essential Oils can benefit you!  Join us on March 10th and sign up for the workshop HERE!

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