With the Summer officially in full throttle, it’s time to give our ankles the attention they deserve! Today anklets draw their inspiration from all over the world. It is common to find handmade Indian style anklets alongside higher end fashion jewelry staples like gold and silver anklets.  A few different type of anklets are: Beaded Anklets, Woven Anklets, + Chain Anklets. 

If you’re new to the jewelry making game, an anklet is extremely beginner friendly! They’re great for any occasion, formal or casual + we’ve got the materials to create them all! We’re always here to help you with your jewelry endeavors so come visit us and lets get these anklets on those ankles.


How to Size an Anklet

Grab some flexible measuring tape and measure comfortably around your ankle in the area where you would like the anklet to fall, typically above the ankle bone. Leaving enough space for a finger to easily slide through is a good rule of thumb.

If you do not have flexible measuring tape, no worries! You can use a piece of string, mark the space where the string meets the other end, then measure the string against a ruler.

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