July Sale Announcement!

This is America’s 242nd year of independence and here at Beadworks we are celebrating by helping you create eye-catching jewelry. Check out our Classes schedule where you can make some Red, White and Blue pieces on your own. Make sure to check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for all the summer inspiration you need!

Red, White, And Blue Gemstones are 30% OFF All Month Long!

This Month at Beadworks all of our Red, White and Blue (and Clear) Strands of gemstones are on sale. All month long you can purchase any strands in this color spectrum at 30%off. This includes Semi- Precious Strands, Rondelles, Pearls, and even those Precious Gemstone Strands that dont always fit our budget! Now they may! Mystic White Chalcedony, Rainbow Moonstone, Baroque Pearls, Sapphires, Blue Labradorite, Tranquil Larimar, Aquamarine, Juicy Red Rubies, Garnets and Coral are just the tip of the iceberg. Stop in, shop the sale, and start creating.

Happy Independence Day America! Stay wild and free <3

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