The Beader’s Toolbox: Who’s Who?

Having the right tools and knowing how to use them is an important part of the journey to becoming an expert beader. Here is our go-to guide for putting together your toolkit and know exactly which tools you’ll need to complete your next project! Needle nose plier Use this plier to get a good grip … Continue Reading

Wooden Beads: the Versatile Superstar

Wooden Beads You know we love our gemstone beads here at Beadworks, but we want to take some time to shine the spotlight on one of our other favorites, wooden beads! Our natural bead selection is truly vast and there are tons of different varieties to choose from. We have Rosewood for a light feminine … Continue Reading

More About Waist Beads

The history and modern uses of waist beads Waist beads have been worn by women for as long as time has been recorded. Their history dates back to the early Egyptians as well as tribes in Western Africa. They were used for many reasons, mainly to symbolize status, entice the opposite sex, celebrate a young … Continue Reading

Know Your Symbols: Ankh

What does the Ankh symbolize? The Ancient History Encyclopedia defines an Ankh as a symbol from ancient Egypt, dating from the Early Dynastic Period and it is known as the “key of life” or “the cross of life”. The Ankh is seen most of the time in the hand of a god or worn on … Continue Reading

How to use Silver Blackener

A few tips on blackening silver Sometimes things are easier than we make them out to be… oh isn’t that too true for so many aspects of life? I’m sure we can all relate but for right now, lets talk about making jewelry simpler!! Blackening your silver isn’t hard at all and comes in handy. … Continue Reading

Go for Baroque Pearls

As you’ve been perusing the trays of beads at the shop, you may have noticed that we have a huge variety of pearls to choose from. One of our most popular shapes when it comes to pearls is Baroque. Read on to find out what makes Baroque Pearls so special.Let’s dive deeper into the world … Continue Reading