All of our gemstone pairs and pendants are on sale for May! Buy any one pair of gemstones or pendant and get 10% off. If you find a matching pendant to a pair of citrine tear drops, you can buy the 2 for 20% off. If you can’t help yourself, you can buy three or more of our pairs and pendants and get 30% off!

Our selection of pairs and pendants is as vast as our love of gemstones. We have bullet garnet pairs, tear drop Lapis Lazuli pendants, and even a couple coins in every other color of the rainbow. You can make wire wrapped earrings as a gift for a friend. If you want something for yourself, you can make a set of matching earrings and pendants for any occasion. You can customize your new pieces to suit any need. If you’re a beginner, click here to learn how you can make simple and elegant projects out of these gemstones.

Our pairs and pendants are great for inspiration and make for wonderful gifts. Maybe it’s a set of emerald earrings for a May birthday or a turquoise pendant necklace for Mother’s Day.

Stop in today and find your next project idea!

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