We love our customers so we are giving a free demo for Valentine’s Day!

It’s no doubt that people have been pretty tense and divided lately with the current state of affairs of our government. We think love is key no matter your political beliefs, so this Valentine’s Day we plan to show our love (and sparkle) to the world with a free jewelry making event! We will be giving demo’s on crimping and attaching all types of cord ends. This is an important step in making jewelry and if you need a refresher or a how-to for the first time this is an event you don’t want to miss. We will also have a display of gemstones for attracting love, stoking passion and nursing love’s wounds. There are so many beautiful red and pink beads in store you are bound to find something perfect for your Valentine’s Day wardrobe.

Free Event Sunday, February 12th at 2pm at both Fairfield and Norwalk locations. 

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