Jewelry by Beadworks

Gemstone beads and other natural strands cover our walls, but have you noticed the finished jewelry pieces among all those dazzling strands?  There are Malas, Earrings, Bracelets, and Necklaces of varying styles spread around the store. Each piece is made by a Beadworks employee with materials we sell in the shop. Every piece is one of a kind. With such a variety, there is something for everyone. If there is a particular piece you absolutely love, guess what, all of the finished pieces are for sale. Yes, even all the pieces in the glass cases are available, just ask and we can get them for you. If you need a quick, handmade, unique and lovely gift, stop by and browse our finished pieces.

Custom Jewelry

Along with our finished pieces of jewelry, we also offer our services to make your custom piece come to life.  Even if you have no interest in making jewelry yourself or taking one of our classes, you can still have a handmade piece. Stop in and talk to one of our sales ladies about your idea. Pick out the gemstone, metal, or natural beads you want, talk to us about your idea and we can make a custom piece just for you.

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