Learn to Make a Buddha Bracelet

You may have heard this piece of jewelry called a wrist mala, Buddha Bracelet, Buddhist Prayer beads, or yoga bracelet. These bracelets are known to help with focus, calm, and meditation, no matter what name you use.

In this class, you will learn the art of traditional silk knotting using beading tweezers and silk thread. You will also be able to choose any color of round gemstones from our wide selection. We have so many different stones to choose from, so before class, think about the intention for your bracelet. What do you want this bracelet to help you with? Your wonderful instructor will be able to help choose the perfect beads for your bracelet.

You will leave class with the skills you need to make your own bracelet at home whenever you want! If you are curious about Prayer Beads and want to learn more before class, check out our Anatomy of Prayer Beads post.

March 14th, March 22nd, or March 27th at 12 pm.

Sign up for the class HERE and check out all the other classes we have on the schedule here.

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