Proper Pearl Care

Tips for Caring for Freshwater Pearls Quality freshwater pearls should be handled gently and cared for properly in order to preserve its beautiful lustrous sheen. Failure to properly care for pearls may result in discoloration and/or chipping, and who wants that to happen?! We’ve decided to create a list of helpful tips that will hopefully … Continue Reading

Know Your Beads: Mystic Gemstones

There are so many spectacular gemstones that are naturally created and mined from our Earth. In the jewelry-making world, the gemstones that are used to make beautiful handmade jewelry are often drilled and referred to as beads. Gemstone beads come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Gemstone beads can either be left in their … Continue Reading

The Ultimate Guide to Layering Necklaces

How to Layer Your Necklaces If you’ve picked up a Vogue magazine recently or have been scrolling through your Instagram feed, then you may have noticed that just about every fashionista has been adorning themselves with multiple layers of necklaces. While we truly believe that there is no right or wrong way to wear jewelry, … Continue Reading

Finish Off Your Stretchy Bracelet Like a Pro!

“How do you tie off your stretchy bracelet?” Want in on our simple trick? It’s all in the adhesive! After beading on all of your components to your stretch cord,  you want to finish off by tying a knot. We love using a surgeons knot to close the bracelet.  Then, comes the adhesive, G-S Hypo … Continue Reading

November Birthstones – Citrine + Topaz

For the lucky ones born in the month of November, they get the choice of beautiful Citrine or stunning Topaz as their birthstone. Citrine is a stone of positivity, prosperity, and success. It’s a variety of quartz that ranges from pale yellow to brownish orange in color. It has often been referred to as the … Continue Reading

Lava Beads & Essential Oils: How it Works…

Use Lava Beads to create a diffuser bracelet that will carry your therapeutic scents with you wherever you wear it. Pair the lava beads with some uplifting gemstone beads for an extra push. Lava beads are incredibly porous, which is why it works so well with essential oils. Grab a Q-Tip or simply use your … Continue Reading