Jewelry Tools: Beyond the Basics

If you’ve been to a beading store, either online or in person, then you’ve seen the wide array of jewelry tools to choose from. The wide selection of pliers, tweezers, and needles make sense, but what about the stranger tools? Like the tapered pointy things that look like skewers? Or those pliers with the white … Continue Reading

April 1st: Store Closed

We will be closed on Sunday, April 1st, and no, we’re not fooling! From everyone at Beadworks, we hope you have a Happy Easter however you choose to spend it. See you on April 2nd!

Statement Earrings in the trendy Shoulder Duster Style

Statement Earrings are where the advantages of handmade jewelry really shine. Shoulder duster earrings are simply statement earring so long that extend down so low they could touch your shoulders. These statement earrings are showing up everywhere from the ears of models to someone walking down your street. They are a fun jewelry trend and a perfect … Continue Reading

Charms for Good Luck: Symbolism in Jewelry

Charms for your Jewelry to Bring Good Luck & Good Fortune Wishbone charms, Hamsa hand necklace, Four leaf clover charms, Beadworks has them all but there are more classic symbols of luck that you can find at Beadworks to use as good luck charms in your handmade jewelry! St. Patrick’s Day always reminds us of the … Continue Reading

Essential Oils Perfect for Pisces Season

Scents of the Season We already know that there are gemstones associated with the different months and the different zodiac signs. Why not take it a step further and look into which essential oils will enhance the season? Essential oils can be used in a diffuser, during an extra relaxing shower or bath, or added to … Continue Reading

Buddha Bracelet Class

Learn to Make a Buddha Bracelet You may have heard this piece of jewelry called a wrist mala, Buddha Bracelet, Buddhist Prayer beads, or yoga bracelet. These bracelets are known to help with focus, calm, and meditation, no matter what name you use. In this class, you will learn the art of traditional silk knotting … Continue Reading