Green Language – Why green is so influential

Let’s talk about the color green. It’s the first color of the year after the browns and greys of winter, it’s the color of nature, growth, and new things. It can influence emotions, bringing an end to the winter blues. Have you ever thought about the influences of color on language? For English speakers, even … Continue Reading

Bead Weaving – What Is It?

The Art of Bead Weaving There are endless ways to create beautiful beaded jewelry and one of the techniques that we haven’t talked much about is Bead Weaving. This technique is exactly what it sounds like, you weave beads together on string. There are a few different methods but the most common is using a … Continue Reading

Gem Grading: What is important?

What is involved with Gem Grading? Gems are graded by four characteristics known as the “four C’s.” Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat, (size). Learning a bit about gem grading is helpful for assessing how valuable a gemstone is. In our quest to learn more about gem grading we went online to The International Gem Society website to … Continue Reading

Love and Sparkle on Valentine’s Day

We love our customers so we are giving a free demo for Valentine’s Day! It’s no doubt that people have been pretty tense and divided lately with the current state of affairs of our government. We think love is key no matter your political beliefs, so this Valentine’s Day we plan to show our love … Continue Reading

Good Fortune be yours in the Chinese New Year!

Celebrate The Year of The Fire Rooster! In the Chinese zodiac, each year is given an animal sign according to a 12-year cycle. The Chinese element theory associates everything with one of the five elements — wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. We carry a variety of materials in our store that are representative or … Continue Reading

Super Bored By the Super Bowl?

Come in and have a Super Jewelry Party instead! The Super Bowl is a time to get your friends together, have some beers, eat junk food and watch football. While we love having a good time with our friends we just aren’t huge football fans and end up bored and wishing we could do something … Continue Reading