Celebrating 30 Years of Beadworks!

Hey Norwalk, mark your calendars: Beadworks is turning 30!  …and we can’t wait to show our gratitude to the Norwalk community for your decades of support. We’re celebrating the occasion with a full day of FREE in-store events on Friday, September 22 to thank our customers and inspire future small businesses. Located in the historic SoNo … Continue Reading

Power of the Waning Moon – Protection and Healing

The waning moon is just as important to talismans and charms as the full or new moon. Talismans or charms made now should be dedicated to protection and healing, banishment and ends. Protection & Banishing Protection is ever present through the moon’s cycle because of how much it can help weary travelers lost at night. For … Continue Reading

Nephrite vs. Jadeite: What’s the difference?

Jade is a popular gemstone with a wide variety of colors, translucency, and uses. People love it as ornaments and jewelry, but not many know that Jade isn’t actually the name of the gemstone. It’s referring to two different minerals; Nephrite and Jadeite. So, what’s the difference between them? Jade Jade has a long history … Continue Reading

Azurite and Malachite: copper based gemstones

Azurite and Malachite are cousins in the mineral world. They’re both copper based minerals, though with slightly different ratios. Azurite Azurite was originally called “kuanos”, the Greek word for deep blue, in Pliny the Elder’s Naturalis Historia, and the root for the green blue color cyan. The name Azurite, and its color azure, come from the … Continue Reading

Join us at our Design Your Own Earrings Studio Event!

Have you ever seen something in a store and thought “I can probably do that”? Well, let us show you how! This month, we’re holding a Design Your Own Earrings Studio event where you come in and design your own earrings. Maybe they’re a replica of a pair you saw in a store, but with … Continue Reading

Girls and Their Pearls!

This month we’re celebrating the precious Pearl with our Girls and Their Pearls event! We’ll be showing our entire collection of Pearls, exhibiting just how varied the humble Pearl can be. Our Pearls cover every shape, size, and color we can get our hands on, making them one of the most versatile gemstone we carry. … Continue Reading