Jewelry Designer Spotlight: Deb Fanelli

Beadworks is proud to support our customers and their endeavors. We will like to take a moment to acknowledge the great accomplishments of one of our talented customers. Deb Fanelli is a Vermont based jewelry designer and founder of “From The Heart Studios”. She has always had a passion for wood, metal and the art … Continue Reading

Upcoming Show: Beads & Boho-Chic

On Wednesday, August 10th, Beadworks Norwalk will be having a fabulous Bohemian inspired bead show where we will be featuring beautiful African trade beads, recycled glass beads, unique pendants, metal beads, and much more. These beads come from all over the world and holds significant meaning to its respected origin, thus making it even more … Continue Reading

Om: The Sound of the Universe

Om is a sacred sound/mantra and an important, spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism. Today, it is fairly recognizable symbol worldwide. It often appears in the beginning and end of most Sanskrit prayers. Many people believe that this slow, calming chant is the sound that was made when all of creation came into existence. People … Continue Reading

Labradorite: The Northern Lights Stone

Labradorite has been a very popular stone since it was first discovered in 1770 on the isle of Paul in Labrador, Canada. Since the discovery of Labradorite, it has been found in parts of Russia, Madagascar, Australia, and Finland. It is a feldspar, meaning it is a rock that consists of aluminosilicates of potassium, calcium, … Continue Reading

Learn Your Stones: Aquamarine

Aquamarine which means “water of the sea” in Latin, is a beautiful blue to blue/green stone that is a member of the Beryl family and commonly found in Brazil, Russia, Pakistan, Kenya, Tanzania, and even Colorado. It is the birthstone for March and the gem for the 19th wedding anniversary. Aquamarine is associated with the … Continue Reading

Know Your Symbols: Meditation Buddha

The Meditation Buddha, also known as ‘Sleeping’ Buddha or Serenity Buddha, symbolizes peace and calmness. It can be helpful for those who wish to improve their meditation skills. The faint smile depicts the serene nature and nobility after reaching enlightment. All in all, the sleeping Buddha is a great symbol for those who are seeking … Continue Reading